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Professor Jayme Bertelli, MD, PhD

Florianopolis, Brazil

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Jayme Bertelli, MD, PhD.
Ulnar Nerve Paralysis: Deficits, Evaluation, and Nerve Transfers.
Dr. Jayme Bertelli is an internationally renowned expert in surgery and reconstruction of peripheral nerves. He is based in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Dr. Bertelli obtained his PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Paris V (Rene Descartes), France. He is a graduate of the University of Paris and completed his specialization in Hand Surgery and Microsurgery in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Paris. He is Foreign Assistant Professor at Rene Descartes University. He currently practices at the Governador Celso Ramos Hospital and the Joana de Gusmao Children's Hospital in Florianopolis and specializes in reconstructive surgery of the paralyzed brachial plexus and peripheral nerves.
His web page can be accessed here.